Eid Al Fitr Parade & Festival

July 1, 2023
Atlanta, GA


Eid Fest Bean Pie Competition Rules, Regulations, and Procedures

  1. There will be 2 levels to the competition
    The youth level will be anyone up to age 17. The adult level will be anyone 18 or older. Every entrant will be assigned a number that will represent their pies during the competition.
  2. There is 1 competition
    The Best Classic Bean Pie.
  3. There is a fee to enter
    The entrance fee is $25.
  4. Baking must be done offsite
    All bean pies must arrive at the venue ready to be served. Bakers must bring 2 mini size pies. One will be on display during the competition and the other is for judging. These pies must be covered with clear plastic wrap. The mini display pie will be returned at the end of the competition.
    Bakers should also bring 50 individual servings of bean pie in 2 or 3 oz sample cups with lids. Samples must be brought in a cooler with ice.
    For allergy purposes, bakers are required to provide a copy of their ingredients, not their recipe, and have it posted at their station. Ingredient lists should be typed, at least 16 pt font, and printed. Frames will be provided.
  5. Checking in and setting up
    Bakers must arrive to check in between 1:30-2pm. At check in, bakers will be assigned a number. Once you receive your number, you can leave your pies and ingredient list at your station.
    You should return to set up at the given time of the start of the competition. Once you arrive to set up, bakers must remain at their station during the entire competition.
  6. There are 2 ways to win
    The first way to win is through the judges. Judging will be done through blind taste tests. Each blind sample will be accompanied by a ballot for judges to complete where the pie will be scored on taste, texture, appearance. Judging will occur on the main stage.
    The second way to win is through audience votes. Attendees of the festival can purchase tickets and use them to vote for their favorite pies. The baker with the most votes from attendees will win.
  7. Prizes
    Prizes can be in the form of cash, gift card, or check. The in-kind gift can be a printed, customized apron, mixing bowls, whisk, rubber spatula, oven mitts, dish rag and towel, measuring cups, measuring spoons, vanilla extract, a plaque, or a certificate.
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